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Apple expert home visits! Experience why your neighbors trust Mac Help Nashville to take care of all
their tech support and Mac computer help needs!

Dealing With Mac Issues?

Custom MAC Solutions That Work For You

Apple Expert Home Visits and On-Site Mac Tech Support for Businesses, Homes, and Creative Pros in Greater Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, Tennessee. With over 25 years of experience, we have the technical expertise to solve your problem right – the first time. Our team performs a personal, in-depth service. We listen closely to your needs and implement a solution that works for you.

apple expert home visit
apple expert home visit. On-Site Mac Tech Support

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Apple Expert Home Visit Services:

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On-Site IT & Tech Support

Problem with your Mac and can’t get it figured out? Schedule an Apple expert home visit! We’ll come to you, fix your issues, and make sure your Mac is running smoothly. We also do remote screen sharing support.

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Networking & WiFi Support

Are you tearing your hair out over setting up your networking? Save yourself the headache and have the pro’s set it up for you and get everything set up with perfection.

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Cyber Security

Viruses, email phishing, browser blocks and more don’t stand a chance with the Mac Help Nashville cyber security service. We recommend SentinelOne, Perception Point, and 1Password to bring you the best security there is.

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Email, Website & Domain

Having trouble with your email or website? An Apple expert home visit can help make sure your site and email are running smoothly – so you can focus on running your business.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

About Mac

About Mac Help

At Mac Help Nashville, our motto is “Good is the enemy of Best.” As high-end tech support specialists, we help get rid of your tech headaches — leaving you with products and software that work the way they are supposed to. Whether it’s for your home or office, our clients choose us for our expertise and the convenience of immediate, personalized support. When you hire us, you get the peace of mind that you’re hiring the experts. So whenever you have a problem, we’re one call away — and we’ll take all of those pesky technical problems off your plate. Schedule your Apple expert home visit here!



What if I’m not in Nashville or want help remotely?

Our advanced secure screen sharing software enables us to assist you remotely. We have a brief conversation about your issues and goals to make sure that we can help you before scheduling this.

Can you help with a PC or a mixed computer environment?

Sure, we can help! We know that each business is different. Some people may have Macs and some may have both. We have a deep knowledge of computer systems and study all three platforms to stay up to date. Linux, Mac, PC we can help.

Do you fix cracked iPhone screens?

Our hardware partner Z Mac can help you with that. If your device is still under warranty,
you’ll need to go directly to to get the screen replaced as the parts won’t yet be available to fix it shops.
Click Here To Visit Z Mac

Does Mac Help offer Managed Services?

Many IT companies will bill their clients every month, even when they haven’t done much to deserve it. We DO NOT believe in managed services. Our corporate ethics policy prevents us from arbitrarily billing you for a month of service that we did nothing for you. We only bill you when you need us and when we spend time on your issues.

What are your Rates & Booking Policies?

Read our rates and booking policies here


Give your mac a breather

How to restart your Mac: Yep, you can do it wrong!


How to restart your Mac: Yep, you can do it wrong! Learn how to give your Mac a real refreshing restart! Every computer needs a breather!

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Deepfake videos

How deepfakes happen


Deepfakes are one of the most talked-about topics in the world of technology. This technology is a breakthrough solution for many industries, but its negative side has much more impact than the positive. 
There has been a recent rise of concerns about the ethical use of deepfakes and how they can be misused for defamation, scamming, and phishing. So if you’re worried about deepfakes and wondering how to prevent them, you’re at the right place. 

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Amplifi Alien WiFi 6

Amplifi Alien WiFi 6 AP. Why We Love it.


The Amplifi alien is the only true roaming mesh Wi-Fi 6 device that can stand up to an enterprise-level Wi-Fi 6 device costing up to $2,000.
Mac Help Nashville, Inc. is proud to participate in CISA’s cyber hygiene project. In fact, the gateway that has held our corporate static IP for the last year and has faced weekly cyber hygiene scans from Homeland Security is the Amplifi Alien. Each week that our static IP (Amplifi Alien) is scanned for security weaknesses we receive a clean bill of health.

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