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How to stop spam and email threats: Proofpoint. Mic drop.

Spam emails aren’t just annoying and unwanted, but they’re also harmful to your device. You’ll find that spam emails deliver 94% of all malware. Crazy, right? To protect your device from email threats, you must first identify the hazards.

Spam usually comes from nonsensical email addresses, simply a jumble of letters and numbers. They’ll also be asking you for a suspicious amount of personal information; no reputable company does that out of the blue.

Spammers won’t address you by your name and might overlook typos and grammar mistakes. Lastly, you’ll find that the spammer is urging you to open a link or attachment, applying pressure by stating that it’s “urgent.”

However, it would be best if you remembered not to fall into the traps of email spammers. Once you’ve identified the email, the next step is to ensure they don’t have access to your email address again. Keep reading to find out how you can stop spam and email threats.

Proofpoint Essentials

You may not think so, but your computer has more cybersecurity issues than you know. If you’re looking for an extra layer of cybersecurity, you should opt for a third-party email gateway. Any email you send or receive will have to go through two threat filters. 

Proofpoint Essentials — Threat Protection is an excellent example of combining heuristics and artificial intelligence to identify and block spam and security threats before they reach your inbox. This software provides a myriad of solutions, and Email & Cloud Security is one of them. 

Proofpoint protects your computer from phishing attacks, secures your cloud accounts, and helps you stay safe online. It uses machine learning to block any phishing emails, even if they are from unknown sources. Email attachments can be a way for malware to spread. Proofpoint secures them to help keep you safe.

I am happy to post my corporate email address: [email protected]. I am not afraid to have it listed publicly. You can try to spam me all you want, but it won’t work. I have Proofpoint protection that will stop threats from getting through to me.

How It Works Against Email Threats

The gateways’ built-in intelligence tackles issues such as email fraud defense, threat response auto pull (TRAP), targeted attack protection (TAP), and much more. For example, their TAP feature helps you understand how and why you’re being attacked. 

Plus, it identifies and sandboxes suspicious URLs to fight email threats more efficiently. In addition, Proofpoint ensures that there’s no entry, which means they add multiple layers of cybersecurity to make your account undiscoverable by spammers.

If you want to know more about how Proofpoint works, check out the Gartner Guide for a more detailed view. In addition, the guide provides a comprehensive list of security features on Proofpoint that you won’t find on any other software.

Spam is harder to detect when you have an endless list of emails crowding your inbox. Proofpoint reduces the number of emails you receive by figuring out which messages are important to you and which are simply promotions.

Proofpoint also puts an end to business email compromise (BEC) by incorporating AI detection of imposter emails. Lastly, this software expedites the investigation and triage process by isolating malicious messages post-delivery. 

Once you report a message as spam, ProofPoint investigates and remediates the cyber abuse automatically. In addition, the software sits out in front of Microsoft 365 Exchange and Google Workspace. If being compliant is your priority, ProofPoint is ideal for you.

In simpler words, ProofPoint protects you from email threats with three steps:

  • Checking for spam and viruses
  • Protecting your email address
  • Stopping fake emails

Proofpoint Features for Email Threat Protection

Here are some of the features offered by Proofpoint that focus entirely on protecting your email from spam and threats. 

Better Insight

Proofpoint’s TAP feature gives you detailed insights into cyber attacks and email threats. That includes which employee is attacked the most and how you can protect them from such threats. As a result, you can implement risk mitigation controls.

Controlled Access

Gaining access to your inbox is a hacker’s first step to threatening your email. Proofpoint provides multiple layers of protection so that you’re able to stop spam at the source. AI-based detection of imposter emails is one of the many unique features of this software.

Inbox Cleanup

Proofpoint’s Threat Response Auto-Pull (TRAP) saves manual labor on your behalf by investigating any potential threats instantly. Once any malicious content is detected, the filter quarantines it instantly.

User Behavior

Changing user behavior is another way to protect emails. Proofpoint does that by delivering the necessary security training to the most vulnerable members of your team.

Defending your Domain

Email fraud defense is crucial if you want to protect your brand. Proofpoint aids with that by simplifying your DMARC implementation and identifying lookalike domains to prevent brand abuse.

Secure Browsing

Lastly, Proofpoint ensures that you can surf the internet without worries of losing private data. The software prevents credential theft, command-and-control communications, zero-day malware, etc.

Dramatically reduce the number of emails that end up in your inbox

For example, as a network engineer, I need to receive communications from Cisco.

Receipts, invoices, and personal communications from Cisco executives arrive without any problems.

The marketing emails they send every month? Gone! If I wanted to find out what was new at Cisco, I would visit their website when I had time to look for myself. Proofpoint can tell the difference between important messages that I need to see and messages that are just marketing. This feature makes it worth it, even before considering the security and safety features.

Two-Factor Authentication to Protect from Email Threats

Other than Proofpoint, you can also use two-factor authentication (2FA) to protect your email account, which most email services offer. This feature is an extra layer of security that ensures users can’t log in on a new device with just a password. 

Instead, it will require an additional piece of information to confirm it’s you logging in. That information can be something you know (a PIN, keystroke pattern, or answers to specific questions), something you have (credit card, phone, or hardware token), or something you are (fingerprint, iris scan, voice print, or face ID.)

Here’s how you can enable two-factor authentication on Google Workspace email platforms. 

  • Open Manage Your Account in the navigational panel.
  • Select Security
  • Select 2-Step Verification under “Signing in to Google.”
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to enable 2FA.

Other Ways to Protect Your Email from Threats

Besides Proofpoint and two-factor authentication, you can also change email privacy settings, mark an email as spam, or delete it.

Keep Your Email Private

One of the main reasons spammers have access to your email is public. Your email may be attached to your social media accounts or other platforms. We would recommend only sharing your email in person. 

Mark as Spam

Most email platforms filter away email threats like spam emails automatically. If you still find a spam email in your primary inbox, mark it as spam. Simply deleting it means the spammer can still send you more emails, so you must eliminate access. 

Delete Spam

The worst thing you can do with spam email is open it. It’s worth noting that some spam emails even contain software that detects when you open them. Of course, then, it knows that your account is active and sends even more spam.


Spam emails are more than just a nuisance; they’re a danger to your device. Steer clear of spammers and email threats by signing up for Proofpoint Essentials and protecting your email. Have troubles with securing your Mac correctly? Mac Help Nashville has all the solutions to make your tech problems disappear.

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