Did Apple de-value the Mac?

Did Apple de-value the Mac?
Just a few years ago a fully maxed out Macbook Pro with all upgrades added was about 2400.00 new.
Now, in the last few years, a new fully maxed out Macbook Pro cost up to 6000.00.
The cost has risen because of the price of Ram and SSD drives and other more expensive parts, we get that, but here is what also has changed...
Trade-in Value and resale value have nose-dived and by quite a bit.
In the good old days, if you traded-in your Mac in under the 3-year mark and still had a warranty on it, it was worth half if not usually more than its cost new was.
Now in late 2019, I'm about to trade in my 2017 fully maxed Macbook Pro and I'm only being offered 1400.00 in resale value. Not even half its cost for a pristine and perfect used computer with about 10 months of warranty left on it. NOT GOOD. And not what we Mac investors want to see either.
I wonder if the executives planned this devaluation of their products?